Holter Supplies

Design and manufacturing of ambulatory monitoring devices

Arterial Blood Pressure Monitor WP-02A

Specifications Description
Size Monitor: 120x52x21mm, Cuff depending of the size
Screen OLED screen luminous and with high contrast
weight 230g
Periodicity of measures Programmable for the day and the night, from 5mn to 2h.
Memory 300 measures
Battery Lithium battery with fast recharge
More Capability to display the history of measurements.
The patient can launch complementary measures.
The program QuickBP can be downloaded on the website and runs with Windows

Monitor and cuffs

References Definition
WP-02A Full kit in a bag with:
Monitor, charger, cable, cuff WP-B-22 and one disposable sweat absorbable inner cuff
WP-B-18 Cuff for children, size 18 to 26cm
WP-B-22 Medium cuff for adult, size 22 to 32cm
WP-B-26 Large cuff for adult, size 26 to 36cm
WP-B-30 Very large cuff, size 30 to 43cm
WP-B-PR Disposable sweat absorbable inner cuff to install between the arm and the cuff