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July 2013

General view Detection of AF with the contourogram, analysis of the distribution of RR-1 of ventricular premature beats with the Poincaré plot + "3D view" of the QRS, end of an episode of 230 bpm tachycardia in an adolescent...

Do not miss the essential: thanks to QuickReader Version 2.01C

Equip you the best of Holter analysis software and make a precise assessment of arrhythmia your patient.

Holter Supplies offers free update for Quick Reader. Go to the download page.

News of this version:

  • Interactive Poincaré plot(RR/RR-1) + and color printing.
  • Improved ergonomy
  • Several debugs
  • All progress made since the version you are using (see the download page)

  • Maintain your Holter recorders.

    we recommend:

  • regular checks on ECG cables with the cable tester. A cable failure creates artefacts, or even lack of signal. If the connector is not broken, you can ask to repair it, or you need to purchase new cables.
  • control and upgrade your recorder at least every 2 years.

  • For an upgrade or in case of failure, read and fill the return after sales service list that you find on our website.

    Product news:



    3 models:
    - 10 days (*)
    - 22 days (*)
    - idem+ gravity sensor.
    Very economical: one AAA alkaline battery for 25 days of operation.
    *: 2 channels std.
    More info....



    ECG cables 2 or 3 channels, 3 to 7 leads.
    Cable with respiration flow sensor.
    Belt with permanent electrodes.
    More info....



    Hypo-allergenic electrodes ,
    2.01C version of the Quick Reader analysis software.
    Brugada ECG cable,
    Vectocardiogram to calculate a 12 leads ECG...
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    Opinions and advices from users of Quick Reader.
    Training to use Quick Reader. Training vidéos.
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    Contact phone: +33 1 47 27 00 46
    email: info@holtersupplies.com

    Latest news

    (June 2013)

    Holter Supplies is involved in several studies to discover new diagnostic possibilities with Holter, and especially long-term Holter.

    Robert Frank et Yves Faisandier

    Publication in Cardiologie-pratique:
    Place of Holter and event recorders in cardiology today.

    Written by Dr.Robert Frank and Dr.Yves Faisandier.
    Read to know what are the indications of Holter, the procedure for hook-up, the play back of recorded data and known pitfalls found in the records.
    The comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of event recorders and continuous recording (ECG Holter) and the precise explanation of the technical issues are very useful to choose his Holter system.
    Read the paper in pdf
    (or on the website of Cardiologie-pratique. ).

    Pitie Salpétrière

    Looking for atrial fibrillation in patients hospitalized after a stroke at Pitie-Salpetriere hospital.

    Read the paper.
    Détection FA

    Incidence of atrial fibrillation in Acute Ischemic Stroke detected by long duration Holter monitoring.

    Read paper.
    Brugada ECG

    Thesis at the University Hospital of Nice by Benjamin CASTEIGT: Evaluation of long-term Holter in the diagnosis of Brugada syndrome

    The thesis explains the need to collect, over long periods, the two precordial signals V1 and V2 with the specially developed by Holter Supplies ECG cable to perform screening of Brugada syndrome, a genetic disease causing many sudden deaths. More info... .


    Collaboration between Holter Supplies and the Ecole Supérieure de physique-chimie industrielle (ESPCI)

    To make detection of atrial fibrillation more efficient from long-term recordings, Holter Supplies decided to collaborate with the prestigious ESPCI, and plans to incorporate into the analysis algorithms those offered by a top-flight team engineers. Visit the ESPCI.

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