The lasts evolutions of the AFT 1000 Holter

Newsletter n° 2, September 2013, Holter Supplies


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  • On 3th and 4th October : the 7th Belgian heart rhythm Meeting in Brussels
  • On 9th and 10th October for the XVth Francophone Congress of Interventional Cardiology in Paris

  • The Holter Supplies' team grows !
    Welcome to Apolline FAISANDIER in our sales department.

    Cheaper, more secure and more environmentally friendly !

    Adjustable lanyards PCT05-B
    Lanyards PCT05-A evolve towards a new model cheaper and more secure : The PCT05-B. The lanyard, flat and softer at the skin contact, has a safety clip that opens in case of accident.

    PCT03 pouches
    PCT01 pouches, in PVC, have been replaced by PCT03 pouches in polypropylene: recyclable, bisphenol-free and does not release chlorine during combustion !

    Did you know ?

    There is an after-sales repair offer for deficient ECG cables.
    They wear off and must be changed every 2 or 3 years. Holter Supplies offers a replacement of the 3 or 5 damaged cables for a package (the equivalent of the third of the initial price). So, what are you waiting for? Send us your damaged cables to be repaired!

    Reduce your battery's consumption
    Our system allows up to 20 x 24h recording with the same AAA battery while a basic recorder uses one or two AA batteries (alkaline or even lithium sometimes) for each recording. So don't wait to save money and improve your foot print!

    Tour du couPCT05B

    Ongoing research : How can we improve the ECG signal's quality?

    We are leading a set of tests aiming at detecting sources of electromagnetic noise and unwanted signals that reduce significantly the quality of the signal.
    Comparaison of different ways to hook-up a Holter:
  • Prepared or not skin, different types of electrodes, permanent belt...
  • 3 or 5 electrodes ?
  • Susceptibility to magnetic fields, to cellphone, to mechanical movement (sitting up and down), to different muscular efforts.
  • Effect of the clothing composition able to interfer with the signal (we all have in mind electrostatic energy coming from our wool sweater).

  • Please, send us your tests' ideas. They might be published in a coming New’s Holter !

    Energy consumption for 20 records:

    1 Pile AAA ou 20 piles AA

    with a Holter Supplies . . . with a standard Holter


    If you need to complete your equipment, get information, or ask for a tele-training...

    Call us : +33 (0)1 47 27 00 46 or contact our assistant Apolline: +33 (0) 6 77 19 36 21

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  • N°1 : July 2013

  • Guidance for a proper use:

  • Control and upgrading of your recorders..
  • Free updating of Quick Reader

  • Publications:

  • The Holter and other event recorders
    A full overview of everything concerning the use, benefits and disadvantages of the different ambulatory diagnostics' methods.
  • Extract of a thesis about Brugada
    Sum up of a thesis on the Brugada syndrome that can cause sudden death.
  • Diagnostic of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation with long duration recording (holter).
    How long does it take to record a patient to detect paroxysmal atrial fibrillation ?

  • News of the products :



    The product range of Holter recorders is completed by model with a gravity sensor which identifies the body's position.
    More information....



    Try the permanent belt electrodes. No waste of money, no allergy, and skin contact perfectly ensured.
    More information....


    New products:

    Hypoallergenic electrodes,
    Brugada ECG Cable ,
    Vectocardiogram to generate a 12L ECG...
    More information....



    Advice and feedback from Quick Reader's users.
    Quick Reader tutorial. Training videos.
    More information....

    Telephone: +33 (0)1 47 27 00 46

    Latest news

    (September 2013)

    Holter Supplies is involved in several studies to search and develop new ways of detecting diseases with Holters, especially long duration recorders.

    CHU Haut Leveque

    Launch of a study on AF granted by Europe

    EUTRAF for "European Network for Translational Research in Atrial Fibrillation". In November 2010, the European Commission launched a study with several research centers around Europe. It represents 12 millions euros over 5 years. It aims at exploring disease mechanisms and developping better diagnostic means and new therapies in patients with atrial fibrillation. It combines electrophysiological, pharmacological, clinical research...
    Reknown cardiologists of the "CHU of Bordeaux" are involved in this huge project.

    Holter Supplies : selected to become one of the European network's partner?


    Partnership between Holter Supplies and the School of Physics and Industrial Chemistry (ESPCI)

    Optimisation of the detection of AF with long duration recorder Holter : new calculation algorithms have been tested. They specify the PAF detection. An investigation is ongoing to compare and find the most efficient process.
    Go to ESPCI website.

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