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Find us at the International ISHNE congress

from  June 4 to 6 at the  "Tęte d'Or" congress  center 

in LYON.

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  New things

Upgrade for free QuickReader in 2.03A version.

Equip yourself with the best of Holter analysis software and make a precise assessment of your patient's rhythm disorders.

Holter Supplies offers a free upgrade of Quick Reader. Go to the download page.

The main improvements of this version: 

  • Icon to pre-identify the patient:When clicing on the first icon on the left, it opens a dialog box where you can fill in the patient's personnal information. Once done, it sends the information to the recorder, connected to the USB port. This process can be done during the analysis of another patient's file without losing any data.
    When the data are downloaded at the end of the recording, Quick Reader retrieves those information and set them up to  the patient file.
  • Automatic detection of the QT end by a robust algorithm. The graph QT/RR displays the two values for QT apex (green) and QT end (red) and computes the QTe1000.
  • The method to detect QT end can be selected in the analysis configuration windows between Tangent, Derivative <10% (of the maximum slope), Derivative <5% (very efficient), and Derivative =0.
  • Data's export: to return data to your correspondent, you can choose between full data (with ECG, extension ".hsp") or only analysis data (the results of the analysis, extension ".hsr"). The volume of data is way reduced compared to the full data export and your correspondent can integrate those data in their original files (Menu/Files/Retrieve results by internet) to read and finalize the report.


  Practical part:

Maintenance  of your Holter recorders:

We recommend:

  • A periodic control of ECG cables with the cable tester. A cable break is causing parasites, or even no trace. If the connector is in good condition, you can have the cables repaired, or obtain new cables. Contact us.
  • A control and upgrade of your recorder at least every 2 years
  • For an upgrade or in case of failure, read and fill in the ASS return file that you  find on our web site.

Frequently Asked Questions :
My Holter does not record as long as expected, why?

1/ Look at the trends of impedances with Quick Reader and verify that the connexions of the electrodes are correct until the end of the recording. If the trends are not under the dotted line, the analyser set the possible QRS as artefacts: you cannot see any heart rate trend during those periods.

2/ If you use 250/1000Hz ECG cables, you can forgot to set the sampling frequency at 250Hz.

Then, if the sampling frequency is set at 1000Hz, the recorder needs four time more memory to store the data.
The maximum duration is reduced /4:
ECG cable : 2 leads - 250Hz 2 leads - 1000Hz 3 leads - 250Hz 3 leads - 1000Hz
AFT1000-01-A 10 d. 2 d.   6 d. 1,6 d.
AFT1000-01-B 22 d. 5 d. 14 d. 3,6 d.

How to change the sampling frequency? 
The adjustment screen displays "1000Hz->?"
  • Push on the green button to bring the cursor under it.
  • Push on the blue button to change it: "250Hz->?"
You go to the general screen. It displays "2N" for 2 leads normal.

Quick Reader doesn't find any ECG session on the recorder during the download, why?
A failure is possible, but usually, it comes from a battery problem: This may show a reassuring voltage of 20 to 50% on the main screen without ensuring a good supply.
Then you display the track A and track B and start recording. The recorder erases the previous patient's file. During this step, it consumes a relatively high level of current. If it was previously a long duration recording, the erase lasts long and the battery voltage may falls dangerously ...
The recorder then triggers a safety shutdown procedure to protect the flash memory and does not go to the final step: no general screen with the turning wheel or any listening of the 3 musical notes and therefore no registration ..
In order to avoid this, follow the procedure until the end:
Check that the wheel is turning and you hear the 3 musical notes.


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