Holter Supplies

Design and manufacturing of ambulatory monitoring devices

Basic features

Technical features Description References
Standard Dongle
(Editing+Rhythm analysis + ST analysis
Signal analysis,rhythm analysis,ST segment analysis,editing and corrections of QRS templates,events,ECG display,histogram,pre_written conclusion,report editing KLQ-07-A
Standard dongle + pacemaker As above + a program that detects spikes on the ECG with an automatic classification of paced QRS. Screen analysis of specific modes and spikes/spikes timing (spontaneous rhythm,single or dual chamber pacemaker. KLQ-15-A
Dongle with tokens Alternative to permanent license with the same features for analysis. For each patient analysed,the counter of tokens is decreased. KLQ-XX-J
Quick Reader license The same as standard dongle but with a asoft key instead of the dongle.Same option as for dongle KLQ-0700

Complementary options

Technical features Description References
Heart rate variability option(HRV) Calculate the power contained in frequency bans from 0.00 to 0.5Hz of the heart rate curve with VLF,LF and HF cumulated values. The analysis period may be selected from a minimum of 15 seconds to the entire recording. printing results on demand. KLQ-10-A
P and T wave analysis Provides the f(t) trends of the PR and QT intervals(if the wave amplitude is sufficient),the amplitude of the P and T waves,and graphic PR/RR and QT/RR + regression line. The analysis period may be selected from 15' to the length of the recording. Printing results on demand. KLQ-20-A
Export data Export the results of the analysis to database KLQ-40-A
Sleep apnoea analysis Analyse the respiratory,respiratory frequency,the level of snoring and apnoea. Print a report giving the apnoea index and hourly average,with the average and maximum apnoea duration. The record must be done with a RXT00-2L3-250 cable. KLQ-80-A
Security option with administrator Password protected access. KLQ-100-A

Network use

Technical features Description References
Master dongle Devoted to the main PC,generally the one used to download files. KLQ-015-E
Slave dongle Possibility to find patient files through the network. if the initial analysis is done on the master station,nothing changes. But if the initial analysis is done on the slave station, a token is removed for each analysis.As a dongle contains 10 tokens, it will gradually deplete it's stock. The suer has to reload in on the main station KLQ-015-M