Holter Supplies

Design and manufacturing of ambulatory monitoring devices

Needed accessories

Name Use Reference Image
Protective pouches (x50) Compulsory for infection control and warranty reasons. Goes with 5 reusable twistlock PCT-03-050-A
Adjustable lanyards(x10) Holters are worn like a necklace.Reusable. PCT05-010-A
Adjustable lanyards(x50) Idem (x50) PCT05-050-A
USB Cable Connect the recorder to the PC to transfer datas RFU_00A

Complementary accessories

Name Use Reference Image
Elastic belt with three mobile electrodes ClipsEL This elastic belt carry three mobile electrodes which ensure an excellent contact with the skin. Tense around the thorax , above the chest; reusable;washable; The light tense of the belt paste the electrodes on the skin without adhesive. Perfect for the long time, sportive recording or for irritable or sensitive skin recording. BLT02-00
Elastic belt alone This belt permit to fix the electrodes ClipsEL around the thorax. BLT02-01-A
Electrode mobile permanent ClipsEL Electrodes ClipsEL mobile and permanent for the belt.They can be washed an reused. ELT02-01-A
Twistlock(x10) To close pouches PCT06-010-A
Twistlock(x100) To close pouches PCT06-100-A
Briefcase Briefcase with compartments to store the recorders (from 1 to 4 recorders) + a guide reminding the electrodes' position. MMLT01
Cable tester Monitor cable impedance TCB00-04-A
Erasable stick(x50) Write the patient name o, the recorder's specific stick ETQAFT-050-A
Black pen Papermate Erasable pen PILOTFRN
Micropore electrodes special Holter(x50) Long-lasting electrodes with low risk of skin irritation. ELT00-50-A